Gotham Knights — How to ‘align the frequencies’ in the Arkham Tower


GOTHAM Knights tells the story of four of Batman’s friends attempting to investigate The Court of Owls in the wake of the Dark Knight’s death.

Batman may no longer be with us, but that hasn’t stopped the owls from putting some dastardly puzzles in our heroes’ path.

Frequencies are one of the harder puzzles in the game.

One of the more confusing puzzles tells you to “Align the frequencies”, but doesn’t really explain what you have to do.

This puzzle can be found in the abandoned Arkham Asylum, inside the tower.

In this guide we’ll explain how you can solve this puzzle yourself, as well as giving you the answer, if you just want to get on with Gotham Knights.

How to ‘Align the frequencies’ in Gotham Knights

While it looks simple on the surface, this puzzle has a hidden layer to it that requires you attention.

Each of the four frequency transmitters in the tower is connected to a machine, and you can follow the cables attached to each one.

If you do this, it becomes more obvious which machine is which.

Each machine shows a frequency on it that is related to the transmitter it attaches to. 

However, lining these two up won’t solve the puzzle.

There is another machine in the centre of the room which has four frequencies on it, that are written in a specific order.

Match up the frequencies by the sine wave and make sure that you activate them in the order written on the central machine.

If this is a bit complicated for you, don’t worry. We have the solution below for you to try out.

‘Align the frequencies’ puzzle solution in Gotham Knights

As mentioned, you need to align the frequencies in the order indicated on the central machine.

This is the order in which you have to change the frequency to green:

  • The transmitter to the right of the central machine.
  • The transmitter to the far right of the central machine.
  • The transmitter to the left of the central machine.
  • The transmitter to the far left of the central machine.

Once that’s all done, the puzzle will be complete, and you can head back down into Arkham Asylum to continue the main story.

Written by Dave Aubrey and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.