I Can’t Stop Playing the Latest Metroidvania: Ultros


A Unique Twist on the Genre

The first thing that grabs your attention about Ultros is its vibrant neon art style, but there's more to this game than meets the eye. While it shares the same artist and musician as Hotline Miami, Ultros offers a completely different experience. It's not just another oversaturated metroidvania game.

A Fresh Gameplay Experience

Ultros is not a typical roguelike, but it does incorporate elements from the genre. Each time you reach your objective, you start over from the beginning without any weapons or power-ups. However, some things do carry over, such as planted items and upgrades for your device. The gameplay itself is hard to describe without giving away spoilers, but rest assured, it's unlike any other metroidvania game you've played before.

Challenging and Rewarding

While losing all your upgrades may seem frustrating, starting anew introduces new challenges that keep the gameplay fresh. The map is vast, with numerous puzzles and secret areas to uncover. Plants play a crucial role in opening up these areas, and finding the right ones can be both trial and error. Ultros strikes a perfect balance, offering a main path that's accessible to everyone while providing a deeper challenge for those seeking it.

Skilled Combat and Difficulty Options

Combat in Ultros is designed to be difficult but rewarding. To obtain the best upgrade materials, you'll need to utilize a variety of moves and combos against enemies. While the main sections of the game won't pose too much of a challenge, there are brutally difficult sections and boss fights that will push you to your limits. However, the game also offers difficulty sliders in the menu to prevent frustration.

A Truly Unique Experience

Ultros stands out in every aspect of the game. Its innovative combat seamlessly blends with a new genre of metroidvania, offering players a fresh and engaging experience. The game tells you very little, encouraging you to try things and explore in order to create your own story. Ultros defies being put into a simple metroidvania box and has the potential to redefine the genre moving forward.

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This article was written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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