Married At First Sight Groom Previously Appeared on Celebs Go Dating


‘Walking Red Flag’ Groom George Under Fire for Lewd Comments

A groom from the popular marriage-based show, Married At First Sight, has faced backlash from viewers for his lewd comments. The 30-year-old sports physio, George, had previously appeared on the E4 show, Celebs Go Dating, in a quest to find love with a popular TOWIE star.

George’s Attempt to Woo Chloe Sims

In 2018, while he was 25 years old, George attempted to woo Chloe Sims, 41, on Celebs Go Dating. The conversation between the two seemed to flow naturally, but it was George who was eager to discuss marriage plans. He mentioned his family tradition of getting married in a specific church and expressed his desire to continue the tradition. George even joked about inviting Chloe to be his guest, to which she playfully asked why he didn’t extend the invitation.

Fans Unhappy with George’s Behavior on Married At First Sight

Upon his debut on Married At First Sight, fans were appalled by George’s continuous focus on his potential bride’s breasts and his unrealistic expectations. He openly expressed his preference for a woman with a larger bust and hoped his bride would meet this criteria. George’s comments, such as referring to women as part of the “itty bitty t***t committee” and expressing his desire for “fake boobies” to “wiggle,” left many viewers unhappy.