Savvy Saver Reveals How He Saved Almost £19,000 Using Clever Rainy Day Trick


Rainy Day Fund

A dad-of-one from North Shields, Stuart Fearn, has managed to save an impressive £18,800 by utilizing a unique rainy day savings trick through the Plum app. Stuart, a community banking consultant, has been able to set aside cash every time it rains, contributing to his growing rainy day fund.

How It Works

Stuart's favorite feature on the Plum app is the Rainy Days tool, which automatically transfers money into his savings account each day that it rains. By linking to a weather API, the app predicts rainy days and allows users to customize the amount they want to save based on the weather forecast.

Stuart's Savings

Living in the North East of England with a notably wet climate, Stuart saved £3,440 in one year alone due to the high number of rainy days. Over four years, he has accumulated a total of £18,800 through the Rainy Days feature. Despite relying on weather forecasts, Stuart has found this method to be a successful way of saving.

Other Money-Saving Rules

Aside from the Rainy Days tool, Stuart has benefited from various other rules on the Plum app. These include the 52-week Challenge, Round Ups, Weekly Depositor, and Pay Days, which have collectively helped him save over £40,000 for home improvements, holidays, and special events.

Why Choose Plum?

Stuart emphasizes the importance of control and flexibility when it comes to saving with Plum. The app allows users to customize their savings habits, adjust contributions based on income changes, and track progress easily. With different features and no requirement for the Pro plan, Plum offers a user-friendly way to build a savings habit.

Joining the ranks of savvy savers who have found success with money-saving apps, Stuart proves that a little creativity and automation can go a long way in achieving financial goals.

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