Coronation Street’s Jenny Connor for epic clash with evil Sharon Bentley reveals Sally Ann Matthews


CORONATION Street’s Jenny Connor is set for an epic clash with evil sister Sharon Bentley, actress Sally Ann Matthews has revealed.

The actor – who plays Rovers landlady Jenny in the ITV soap – has told how Jenny is on the hunt for the truth about Sharon and it will all come out in a legendary clash.

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Jenny is set for an epic clash with Sharon

Viewers know Sharon has returned to hunt down Leanne Battersby for her drug dealer nephew Harvey – but Jenny has been suspicious of her and she will soon be proved right.

Actress Sally said: “She’s not happy about the fact that there was somebody who really hurt Rita so she’s suspicious of her from that point of view but then Jenny bumps into Sharon outside the prison.

“Jenny has kind of been lulled into this ‘oh you know she’s had cancer, she’s now got a successful business, she’s given me £10,000, she’s turned over a new leaf.’

Sharon Bentley has an evil secret but Jenny’s onto her

Jenny has been suspicious of Sharon for weeks

“Rita has convinced her that everybody needs a second chance saying ‘Jenny you had one and so did you Gemma’ and Jenny’s gone along with that and then she bumps into Sharon outside the prison and then that’s that.

“And Jenny turns into Weatherfield’s answer to Angela Lansbury pulling pints and that’s the opening titles instead of a typewriter, on the trail. 

“Like Jenny from Gogglebox with notes about what Sharon’s done.”

Jenny will then tackle Sharon in what the actress has described as being the “campest” thing she’s ever done.

Of the clash she said: “I did actually tweet last week. I said I was having the campest day I’ve ever had at work and to thank (Coronation Street writer) Jonathan Harvey.

“It is brilliant so anything with Tracie is just a joy to do. We work really well together and it’s hysterical. 

“It’s so soapy but so unique.”